Christmas Wine Week – The Sweets

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Without question, sweet wines are the most under rated and under drunk in the world of wine. Ok, I get the fact that the cheap and nasty ones are cheap and nasty, and they’ve maybe put quite a few people off in the past. But in the UK these days we’re lucky to have a huge range of top drawer sweet wines and fortified wines from all the way across the world. Be a shame to miss out this Christmas!


Under A Tenner 

Taylors 2009 Late Bottled Vintage, Port, £8 from Morrisons

Some people think you only drink Port at Christmas out of those tiny little glasses that never get used for the rest of the year. They’re wrong on both accounts, it’s a fabulous drink all year round and should be drunk out of a normal wine glass!! But anyway, it is Christmas, so whatever! Morrisons have great offers on Port right now, with this LBV on at £8, down from £14. LBV is like a baby Vintage Port, slightly more aged than entry-level ruby port. Fantastic with cheese and dark chocolate!


Money Is No Object

Château Sigalas Rabaud 2007, Premier Cru Classé Sauternes, £31.90 from 20h33

One of the things about sweet wines being slightly unfashionable at the minute is that even the top stuff isn’t that pricey. This Sigalas Rabaud is one of the top estates in Sauternes in Bordeaux. This wine is made from a process using noble rot, a fungus that splits the grapes and lets the water evaporate. Sounds a bit minging? Don’t worry, it tastes incredible! Perfect with sweet pastries and cakes.



Pillitteri Estates Vidal Ice Wine 2013, Niagara, £14.99 from Lidl (375ml)

Ice wine is a pain in the arse to produce. You need to harvest the grapes after they’ve frozen on the vine, so you’re out there picking grapes when it’s -10 degrees outside, and usually at silly o’clock in the morning. I don’t begrudge the producers that it’s normally quite expensive to buy. But through a mixture of a useful exchange rate, a great crop in 2013, and a willing producer/buyer agreement, Lidl are managing to stock this incredible Ice Wine for just £14.99. Do yourself a favour and buy a case, and get the dark chocolate stacked in the cupboard!



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