Christmas Bubbles On Offer Already!!!


It’s about this time of year that I wish we had some kind of public holiday in November. The Americans have got Thanksgiving, but us Brits? Nah! We go straight from Bonfire Night on the 5th to Christmas trees for sale and awful songs played in shops on the 6th. Look I’m not a Grinch, but having it all shoved down your throat all November means that by December you’re pretty sick of Christmas already, and it’s still 3 weeks til the day!

Usually I try and ignore it best I can. This year though I can’t, because I’m trying to sell wine, and if you’re trying to sell wine against every other bugger trying to sell wine, then you best join in or lose out. So through gritted teeth I sent out my first “Order Your Wine For Christmas” email to my clients. It just felt wrong!

Through my Bordeaux company, 20h33, I sell Crémant De Bordeaux. I’ve got a really refreshing white and quite a punchy rosé. All are made in the same method as they make wines like Champagne and Cava, which is known as the Traditional Method. Without going into too many details that’ll make your eyes roll, it means you get quite yeasty flavours too. Long and short of it, a bottle of my Crémant Blanc goes belting with a bacon muffin!

But it doesn’t help me. I’m still going to feel weird plugging it for Christmas until at least December.

Any tips to help me get over myself?





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