Cheers to the Designated Drivers


One of my biggest pet hates, ever since I was a kid, is people who drink and drive. Look I know some people grew up in a different time, or out in the countryside and everyone did it…bla bla bla. But no, sod that, still not an excuse boys and girls. Just get yourself a designated driver, and if it’s your turn then suck it up and just do it. Someone’s got to, right?

Session Drinking Knobheads

When I was 16 to 18 I worked in a members’ bar back up north. I used to watch these guys come in about 5ish, straight from work, sink (I’m not kidding) up to 10 pints of horrible lager, and then drive themselves home. The only thing that slowed this up was when one of them took out a row in fencing on their road, with kids playing on the street at the time. We were constantly ringing the police with anonymous tip offs, but nothing ever happened to stop it. Used to piss me right off.

Designated Drivers

So I’m pretty militant about it. Ok it’s one thing if you’re out in the sticks doing some tasting then you can just spit out and you’re good to go. But last week I was in Bordeaux for Primeurs week, and all these parties you go to are all over the place. We went to a belter at Gruaud Larose in Saint Julien, which left us with a two hour drive home after. Ok bollocks to it, it was my turn to drive. I sniffed and spat 4 amazing vintages, and spent the night trying to work out if anyone had a sparkling water reserves stashed away somewhere.

Balancing Act In Wine Regions

For the rest of the week I was watching these parties of guests sinking glorious glasses of wine, and then jumping into the their rental cars and off they went. I’ve got a party of country club Americans in my head when I’m remembering this. Now I know the police in the area have a tricky balancing act. They’re worried if they come down too hard then people will be scared to go on tasting trips. Hmmm…not sure I buy that.

Make The Rules Harsher

You’ve got to be harsh on these things. It should be completely unacceptable to drink and drive. There’s a great law in one of the council districts in Northern Italy where if you get caught drink driving, they take your car off you and auction it back to you, and other people can bid. What a top idea! See how quickly idiots jump behind their wheel with that as a rule!

Sorry for the rant, but really wish people would wake up.




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