The Perils Of Finding Restaurants

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One of the best ways to get my wines from 20h33 across to people is to get them in a room, crack open a few bottles, and throw some food them. The wine dinners have been really successful, and a great laugh, pretty much from the first one. So I decided it’d be a good idea to find new restaurants around London to do them at. That, ladies and gentlemen, has been a lot of hassle for not much reward!

When Places Just Smash All Your Expectations!

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I’m off on my travels at the minute. I’ve got a week in Northern Italy to get some much needed landscaping done, and then as soon as we drive back to the UK I fly off to Primeur week with all the other Millesima blog award winners. So yesterday and the day before we headed down through Eastern France with a stop over in a town called Troyes. I’d heard it was somewhere you had to visit at some point, and I’m really glad we did!

Going To A Wine Geeks Dinner

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I met a lass called Clara a few months back who very kindly stuck me on a “wine geeks’ dinner” mailing list. It’s a group of mates who get together every month at different restaurants round London, have a good dinner, and do a BYO on bottles of wine. The first few months I was busy with my own dinners or random other things, but last week I managed to make it down for the first time.


20h33 Dinners At La Ferme

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With 20h33 I’ve been going round the UK finding different places to run wine dinners. There are always teething problems, and most of the places I do it at have never run these things before, so there’s a lot of learning getting done on both sides. But once the first night is out the way, and it goes well, everyone is on board and it’s a great laugh. Last week was my first night at La Ferme, a French restaurant in Farringdon in London. And it went great.

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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this week

Busy time at the minute with 20h33, with a mixture of wine dinners and sales for Christmas. But it’s definitely a good busy, so I’m definitely not complaining! I’m sure everyone’s gearing down into the year end at the minute, and why not eh? This year’s flown by for me, and I’m now giving it the old “can you believe it’s December already?” Starting to sound worryingly middle aged about it all!!

Sandeman’s 225th Birthday Party

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Some events you get invited to and you think “yeah this is going to be pretty good!” Unfortunately you go into some of them with that attitude and they disappoint. Luckily for me, and everyone who attended, Sandeman’s 225th birthday party’s London leg was not one of them. I thought it’d be great, and it was!

Mine Sweeping, Barolo Style!

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When I was a student there was always the slight issue of having next to no money! I didn’t complain too much, nearly no one around me had any either. But no matter how little you had, you always tried to make sure there was enough for a bit of booze at the end of the week. All else failed, you go mine sweeping!

The Most Ridiculous Wine Tasting Of My Life!

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Last week, when Conrad from the Wine Wankers was over from Australia, a few producers in a place called Serralunga D’Alba decided to get together and put on a tasting night for him. He kindly invited me along to join in, which was very nice of him. All sounded very nice to me. What actually happened blew us both away!