NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Top Picks From Lidl

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Lidl UK had a new set of wines ready for us to taste yesterday in Central London.  The mostly French-themed selection make up the bulk of what will be on the shelves for the Autumn and Winter in supermarkets across the country.  Here’s my take on the top three whites and top three reds to keep an eye out for…and a cheeky rosé just for good measure! 😉

Getting Time To Get Your Brosé On

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So the marketing guys and girls have come out with this term “Brosé”. It’s where rosé wines are starting to get guzzled by blokes as well as lasses.   More power to it I reckon, I’m a rosé lover and proud! But why is it something that people still feel like they need to hush up? Why do my mates give me a right old barracking if I ever pick some of the pink?

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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this week

My life has just taken a major turn for the better. After two weeks of solidly being glued to my chair in the office and getting all my accounts from the last 18 months up to date I’ve finally caught up with myself! Of course I celebrated by cracking open a bottle of wine and sitting through a really boring 0-0 draw between my team Liverpool and West Ham. Well, at least I had the wine!

This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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5th Oct

Feels weird to be writing this post from back in my old haunt of the summer. I’m sat in the café in Piemonte, just down the road from my parent’s gaff, stealing borrowing their wi-fi for the afternoon. It’s only a flying visit, following on from my sister’s second wedding in two weeks (alright for some!), but it’s been great to see the place and everyone again!

The Family Connection In Champagne

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So for the second and final trip of the day we headed off to Champagne Demilly De Baere, owned and run by Bénédicte’s uncle, aunt, and cousins. This was strange in an incredibly good way. Here we were at a serious Champagne set up, but because you’re there with family the whole thing was just one big laugh from start to finish. Helps to laugh when you’re drinking champagne too!

Mateus Rosé – I Had To Give It A Go!

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On the recent trip out for this wedding in Mallorca, the wife and I picked up a bottle of Mateus Rosé at the market. That’s right, Mateus Rosé. The infamous wine that kept middle classes in the 60s and 70s plastered! It’s got a shocking reputation these days, but I’d never tried it. And there it was on the shelf for €5!