Time for Wines and Spirits To Channel That Inner Eco-Warrior!

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Not sure whether I get this across much in my writing and that, but I’m a bit of a fledgling eco warrior. Not going to bang on about it too much too often, as I know I’ll end up getting a bit on the preachy side, and end up pissing everyone off. But just humour me for this post, eh? A report’s just come out in the UK this morning about food packaging and how useless most of it is when it comes to recycling, which is just unnecessary and unacceptable these days.

Wine In A Bag Making A Comeback

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One of the first things you learn in “Wine Business 101” is that bottles are expensive, heavy, and not the soundest thing environment-wise to carry wine around in. But go to your local shop and most of the time that’s all you can get hold of. Why is it that we’ve just not changed habits for so long?

Anything To Check In? Well Funny You Should Ask!

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When I was out in Catalunya with Timmer of Catalunya Wines, he was pretty keen on making a video of the day. I’m about as comfortable on camera as I am sitting on a nail, but he’d arranged a top day, so no way I could say “no”! And one of the things he was keen for us to do was have a play with a bit of wine luggage he was raving about. So we did. That was my first contact with Lazenne.

20h33 Blog – Why Bring A Bottle, When You Can Bring A Magnum?!

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I’ve entered that stage of life these days where I go round to mates’ houses for dinner parties. You don’t hang out anymore, sitting there with a beer and playing Fifa, you have dinner and drinks. The conversations are still mostly daft as a brush, but somehow it all feels a bit more civilized, doesn’t it?

Time For A Bit Of Bag-In-The-Box Action!



Would you buy a bag in the box wine? I guess your answer tends to depend on where you’re from. It’s been an ever present in the Aussie wine market for years, but for in the UK where I’m from, there’s still a big stigma about it. Most of the bag in the box stuff in the 80s and 90s was dreadful cheap stuff in an era where there really was dreadful cheap stuff! But is it time for another look?