Need A Pre-Theatre Swifty?

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The wife and I started trying to take advantage of living in London and re-introduced date nights into the week. I head onto Amazon Tickets, or whatever is spamming me with emails at the time, and pick up a couple of slots in the cheap seats at the back. Last of the romantics clearly! But whatever point there was in trying to save a couple of quid on ticket prices is blown out the water when you get into the bar area and it’s £10+ for a crap G&T. So what if there was a great place to go get a drink beforehand…

Friday Night Drinks Market

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I writing this quick before I’ve got to get my shit together and head off to do my second night at the Startisans Market. It’s been a slow morning after spending yesterday catching up with old friends and running a wine dinner. Probably had a couple more glasses than I should have, and it’s left me a little bit fuzzy this morning. Luckily I had such a good time last week that I’ll get through the funk and have a great time.

Gratuitous Food Porn At The Primrose Hill Market

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Warning in advance here guys and girls, this is a post about the Primrose Hill food market (10-3 on Saturdays) I’ve been attending with 20h33 for the past few weeks. Those who aren’t comfortable with gratuitous descriptions of amazing food then best look away now! …you all still with me? Lovely stuff!

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothes!

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bad weather

They have a saying in Norway that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. They should know, right? Well sometimes I’m afraid British weather doesn’t always comply with that law of nature. Wind, driving rain, and freezing temperatures are one of the joys of the British winter we look forward to every year. And trying to run a market stall in the middle of a day like that is not necessarily the most fun thing in the world!

My First Day As A Market Trader!

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I’ve been thinking recently about ways of getting the 20h33 brand out there to people. What I’m after being is an old school wine broker. I want my clients to be happy to ring me up and have a natter about what they’re after. I want them to know me, I want them to trust me, and that’s where my efforts need to lie at the minute. So if you’re looking to get to know your punters, where better to start than close to home?