Wine Secret Santa

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A couple of years back a mate of mine, Tim Milford, got me involved in Vinspire’s Secret Santa. Vinspire are a group of young (not sure I’d count anymore!) bloggers who talk about all things booze related. And they set up this thing where everyone gets sent a random name and address and sends off a bottle of wine of their choice. Then you get one back, but not necessarily from the same person.

I Met This Wanker At The Weekend!

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I got a tweet a few weeks back from Conrad, the man behind the wine and social media phenomenon that is the Wine Wankers. He was going to be in Piemonte and wondered if I had any tips. After we worked out we’d be here at the same time we arranged to meet up and get a few wines supped together!

GUEST BLOG – L’importance du climat et son impact sur le style du vin!

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« Chers amis de Please Bring Me My Wine,

Je présente depuis longtemps la météo sur une grande chaîne de la télévision française et j’aimerais bien comprendre le lien entre climat et le petit Brouilly que je bois avec ma terrine de lapin. Pourriez-vous m’aider à y voir plus clair ?

Evelyne D. »