Port Cocktails

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Port producers are pretty terrified of turning into the next Sherry. The harsh truth of that is that Sherry producers, rather infamously, let their drinkers die on them. A new generation of drinkers doesn’t know what proper Fino sherry is, let alone how to drink it properly. So they’re having to invent new ways to get the younger crowd drinking it. The best way so far? Cocktails! And the fine boys and girls whose job it is to market port round the world are right there with them.

One For The White Wine Spritzer Brigade

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Last week at the London Wine Fair I bumped into Philippe Koch from Mouton Cadet. Some of you will have seen bottles of Mouton Cadet knocking around pubs and restaurants as what they do is trying to build a Bordeaux Brand. Well, I say try, they’ve built it, and are spreading it far and wide. Good luck to them! One thing Philippe showed me really caught my eye.

Mixology Is So Much Harder Than It Looks

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I got an email a few weeks back by the fine folks at Luxx PR and asked if I fancied taking part in a cocktail making challenge? It was in conjunction with Chase spirits and Heartsease mixers, and I just had to come up with a cocktail using their ingredients. Never really had a go at making a cocktail from scratch before, so sounded like a laugh. A few days later a couple of samples of gin and vodka turned up with a selection of the Heartsease products. Time to get mixing!