Calm As Duck!

Whenever you run an event you should always channel your inner duck.  Calm and serene on the surface of the water, but paddling like mad underneath it all.  My recent experience running a masterclass at the Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival was no different…although it wasn’t legs, it was my hands!!

Calm As A Duck

It’s a funny one as I had the 5pm slot for a consumer tasting.  Ipso facto, there were quite a few half cut boys and girls in the room.  Not everyone, but enough that it wasn’t the easiest job in the world holding everyone’s attention.  Look, they pay their money, it’s my job to entertain them, they can do what they like I guess.  But it knocked me big time.

As I ploughed on with my talk I noticed I was shaking like a shitting dog.  My hands, just randomly going up and down like a faulty lift.  I couldn’t pick up the glasses of wine I was presenting!  Luckily when I get nervous I just talk, so I think I just about managed to style it out.  But I need to get practicing these gigs.

Luckily I had support.  My wife was stood at the back with a couple of good mates from the trade, who I was really touched came along to watch.

But I clearly need to channel my inner duck a bit more.




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