CALIFORN-I-A DAY 1: Beers, Burgers, and Buckets of Rain!


Well we’ve all made it safe and sound. The California trip has started and the long hours in the plane out to San Fransisco are nearly out of all our systems. There’s a group of about 12 of us, which is enough to make me a little bit nervous and self-conscious, but sod it, the nervous “just keep talking” has kicked in and I don’t think I’ve annoyed too many of them yet 🙂

Early Night

The jet lag coming East to West is never as bad as the other way around. You don’t feel like you’re losing a day to start with. But I was still pretty thankful that the organisers gave us a pretty easy intro evening. Bags in the hotel, a quick wander around San Fransisco bay with Amelia Singer and Peter Ranscombe (never go to Ecuador was the take home from that conversation), and an early trip to a burger joint. Well, it’s the US innit? You’ve got to get a burger in you at some point!

Beer Before Wine…

When it came to the booze however, a few of us went for another of San Fran’s famous tipples: beer! Led by Peter, the Musselborough Massive, we went for a nice hoppy and floral pale ale. I’m not sure the chardonnay everyone else went for would have coped with the double cheese burger and the garlic fries. Although, not sure much coped well with the garlic fries, good job the wife wasn’t here! 🙂

The Great and The Good

Post beer and burger there was a slight moment of clarity as the heavens opened and I found myself pounding the street through the downpour to get back to the hotel. Sitting around and chatting with the group is great fun, but horribly daunting. I’m surrounded by MWs, and notables from screen and print media from across the UK and Ireland. And then there’s me. If I can get through this week without saying anything too stupid then I’ll be happy. I think the next 6 days of wineries, grub, and scenery will go someway to keeping me pretty smug too.

Let the wine tour commence!




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