Bring On Slovenia!


My parents moved out to Lincolnshire a few years back. It was a bit strange as to a lot people it’s one of those counties in Britain where you roughly know where it is, but you’re not 100% sure. But it’s a fun place, nice people, and ridiculously cheap property which is a complete rarity in the UK these days. Last time I was up with them I was perusing a bit of Lincolnshire Live, as you do, and a headline struck me about a couple moving out to Europe to start up a wine tour company in Slovenia.

Eastern Europe’s Cool

Eastern Europe is really a potential hot bed for wine and Slovenia’s got a better chance than most. Back in the late half of the 20th century they were part of Tito’s Yugoslavia, so pretty oppressed, but not under the yolk of the Soviets. Places like Romania and Bulgaria are still recovering from those days, but somewhere like Slovenia is set up for business.

Good Neighbours

You don’t really think about wine when you think of Slovenia, but similar to the Czech Republic you look at their neighbours and it all starts to make sense. Slovenia’s bordered to Austria who make amazing wines, and Croatia who are also beginning to impress the world with their plonk.

Expert Approval

Also a mate I met a few months back on a trip in Portugal, a wine writer called Chris Boiling is out there making his own wine too. So there’s definitely something in it as he’s a smart cookie when it comes to good wine. So good luck to the Handford-Browns from Lincolnshire on their travels. Watch this space, eh?




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