Brief Thoughts On 2015 Vintage Primeurs

thoughts of 2015

You might have noticed that I didn’t post anything all last week. It’s not through lack of trying, trust me, it’s more through complete lack of time! I was in Bordeaux all week with a posse of wine geeks getting through the most insane itinerary during one of the most important weeks in the Bordeaux wine’s calendar: Primeur Week.

I explained a couple of weeks back what Primeur is, and rather than go to nuts into which specific wines were better than others (only in my humble opinion of course!) I’ll just broad stroke it for now. You’ll have to sign up to 20h33 for the full scores 🙂

Now I’m a relative rookie at all this. This was my third Primeurs week, and the 2015 vintage is clearly the more successful vintage I’ve tasted so far. You look for how intense the fruit and other flavours are, and how the acidity (refreshing feel) and tannin (the stuff that attacks your gums and adds to the body of a wine) play around with eachother. Yup, I was pretty satisfied it’s going to come out very well. I’m not going to get carried away and say it’s smashed it, but it’s easily the best vintage for the last 5 years.

Every year around Primeurs it’s become de rigueur (get me!) for the wine press to bash the whole idea of tasting unfinished samples of wines. You can’t deny they’ve got a point! But you’ve got to look for the positives otherwise why go to taste in the first place? Look for the structure and the base fruit and judge the vintage on that. It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s wine tasting, anyone want to claim it as an exact science? Anyone? Nah, thought not!

Let’s just pray the GBP doesn’t get completely destroyed before prices come out!




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