Bigging It Up In Bordeaux – The Wine Geek Squad

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So last week I spoke about why I was in Bordeaux on this VIP trip of a lifetime. Before I crack on with what we got up to I thought a quick post on the other excellent boys and girls that were “blog winners” too. Then I don’t have to keep introducing them as I start banging on about the ridiculously cool (and sometimes daft) stuff that we got up to!

To Toma, Maddie, Michelle, Regina, and Jezzer, thanks so much for being top people and adding so much to what was already a phenomenal experience!

And to those of you from Millesima and Bernard Magrez who aren’t mention (yet), apologies, but there are just so many people to thank!  I will get round to all of you in the next few posts, I swear!!

Tomislav Ivanovic aka Vinopedia Serbia (SER)

The big, bad Serb of the group! Lovely guy who seriously knew his eggs. When he won the award it made the national news in Serbia, and after watching him on his phone all week I worked out it’s because any wine-o in the Balkans worth their salt is mates with Toma. He was also very gracious in putting up with my early morning Elvis in the shower from next door!

Madelyne Meyer aka Edvin Uncorked (SUI)

I’d never really spoken to Madelyne before, but what a great lass she is. I don’t think she stopped laughing all week. Well maybe for a bit. But that was just when she was drawing another amazing graphic for her followers on what she was up to. Clear winner of “funniest pose whilst taking a photo” and “hat of the week”!

Michelle Williams aka Rockin Red Blog (USA)

I’ve e-known Michelle for a while, so it was great to finally meet up with her. Very funny, very lovely, and surprisingly up for everything we all got up to during the week. I saw surprisingly, only because it later transpired she had a sinus infection during the week. Absolute trooper! Although mention must go to her poor husband who kept getting texts all week about £300 wine glasses. I bet he didn’t sleep a wink either! 🙂

Regina von Gootkin aka Wine Esquire (USA)

Easily the most quotable member of the group, and a complete shark when it came to French billiards! I was so impressed with her skills with a smartphone camera. Do yourself a favour and follow her on Instagram. Hopefully she’s thawed out ok after spending a week in a car with me!

Jeremy Wilson aka Texas Wine Lover (USA)

The only actual winemaker of the group, he was like a pig in poo every time another cellar door opened for us to go and see what was going on inside. He taught me a fair few things about the appauling choice the poor Americans have got at the coming election. Was great to chat boss.  Also helped us all pop our Texan wine cherry!





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