Bigging It Up In Bordeaux – The Intro


A few weeks back I trooped off to Bordeaux to enjoy my prize for winning the Millesima Blog Awards. I flew out for the 6 days of Primeur Week to have what turned out to be an incredible experience put together by the fine folks at Millesima and their partner for the awards, Bernard Magrez’s group. So much happened over the week that’s worthy of a chat that I’ll be winging off a few posts over the next few weeks, but for now, here’s a quick intro on how it came about.

I got this email a while back asking if I‘d like to put a blog post forward for this new award thing Millesima were running. We’d tweet and blog and post about what they were up to, and in exchange we got the opportunity to compete for a place on the VIP team bus out in Bordeaux’s biggest week of the year. We had by far the better deal!

I’d written this post about the recent trend of trying to match wine and music. I’m a bit on the skeptical side about making some formula to do that in particular, and just said that if music gets you in a certain mood, then happy days! Apparently that was worthy of winning the “Wine and Technology” award for Europe. The irony that I struggling to post the link to get people to vote for me wasn’t lost on me, I can tell you.

These blog awards were sorted out by Millesima, one of the biggest negotiants in Bordeaux, and sponsored by Bernard Magrez, one of the most successful wine-trepeneurs in the world. So when I found out I’d won I was pretty excited about what it could all mean. What were we going to be in for over the week?

Well from the minute the plane touched down in Bordeaux it blew my expectations out the water. So over the next few weeks I’ll be nattering about what me and the other 5 winners got up to. Not trying to make you jealous, mind. But I might not be able to 100% avoid that either! 🙂




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