Back On Jury Service!


Last January I got called up to do Jury service for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t anything too exciting, a drugs charge and a petty theft, but I was glad to do my civic duty and all that. Slight issue was that it was two weeks of my life I’m not getting back, and 12 months on I’ve landed myself in Jury service all over again!

Judging Panel

This time though it’s all about wine blogging. So happy days, right? Well yeah it is mostly. Wine-o’s from all the way around the world have sent in entries to the Millesima Blog Awards 2017. As part of the judging panel I get to read them all and put some boys and girls through to the final round to win an all expenses paid trip to Bordeaux. If last year’s week was anything to go by, you’re going to be blown away!

Why Me?

Why me? Well I was one of the winners last year, they asked, and I was the nubbin who said “yes”. Had I have known that I was looking at nearly 20 hours of reading and judging would I still have done that? Yeah of course…well…just about…maybe…er…

Good Luck

Only kidding, it’s been great to be back involved with all the lovely people at Millesima and it’s bringing back all the great memories from last April. Good luck to everyone who’s entered and fingers crossed you’ll be on that plane in 3 months time.


4 thoughts on “Back On Jury Service!”

      1. No kidding, I didn’t even know there was a final round, I just thought they picked…how many by the way, any ways I was in the other end as defendant so here in Spain there was just a judge to do the sentence. Piece of shit he was. Point being, yeeeeeeeeeeees! I did make it to the final round, so who are we talking about a murderer a robber a stalker a…there are a lot of strange nutcases out there, ass a matter of fact I would be a terrible as one of the jury, probably would step out and give the defendant a smack on the face, so no, no no, not in….. although it would be nice to give the idiot a smack

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