Modern brands want to engage more with their customers, and utilising the user experience properties of apps on mobile and tablet devices appear a perfect way to cement the community. We'll listen to everything you want to achieve and find the best ways to go about delivering that.


App strategy, design, and builds are not cheap things and require a lot of financial and time commitment. It's important that you understand what is needed as opposed to what sounds nice in theory. We're not here just to take your money, and if we think you don't need an app, we will tell you!


We can project manage your app design all the way through to final delivery from both external providers and our own in house team. We are also excited to announce that we will soon be in a position to build your apps for you, cutting down costs, and (most importantly) time.


Mike’s entrepreneurial experiences mean he knows his way around a balance sheet.  He is fully aware of the need for businesses to extract value for money from any of their ventures.  He commits to making sure that any app design process he undertakes for his clients is both necessary and cost efficient.  Building long-standing, trusting relationships with clients is far more important that one-off paydays.

That said, for those projects that can add huge value for the our clients, Mike undertakes to understand the needs of both client and developer, communicating to both in the language they require to do their job, and project managing the process from start to completion in a timely and cost effective manner.


App design can vary so much in terms of the needs of the clients that it’s nearly impossible to put an exact figure on the full cost of the app before initial consultation with both client and developers.  As a rough guide, a decent app can start in the region of £5,000 and can easily head north of £20,000 depending on functionality and scope.

It’s a big commitment, and this is why Mike offers both a free initial consultation and sliding scale consulting fees in order to fit client budgets (as reasonably as possible).  All consulting fees will be agreed upfront, and any extra build fees that may be incurred will be discussed thoroughly with both client and developer before any actions are taken.