A Slightly Less Chubby Wine-O

Fat Wine-O

When I was away in Italy over the summer I saw a Facebook update from a mate of mine. I used to work with him at the bank, where we spent the days sat there getting fed up with ourselves and getting fat. He left, went back to Porto, got back into football and I can’t tell you how well he’s done. His job is immense, but also he’s sorted himself out physically and this picture he posted had him looking like Charles Atlas! So I was thinking I should be having a go myself.

Ok maybe it’s a bit tougher for me. He works in sport, I work in the wine and food industry. Not 100% conducive to getting the washboard belly or anything. But honestly I don’t really go too nuts with anything. I actually drink a lot less now than I did when I had that desk job. And as for the food? I eat meat, veg, and salads. It’s not exactly tough to come up with tasty stuff!

So only thing left was the work out thing. I headed off to my local gym and mentioned the plan to them. A 3 month “let’s see how this goes” workout routine. Like most people going to the gym I either unable or unwilling to completely change my lifestyle, but can an hour down the gym 5 times a week turn me from a slightly chubby wine-o into a slightly less chubby wine-o?

That’s the challenge I’ve set myself, and the trainers at the gym. So we’ve decided to do a YouTube diary of how it’s all going. I had the first weigh in last week, which was a tad…er…eye-opening! The way I see it is initial results will be pretty easy to come by! You like the optimism?

So it’s up at 6am and off to the gym. At least I get to see all these gorgeous autumn mornings before I beast myself!

Wish me luck


20 thoughts on “A Slightly Less Chubby Wine-O”

      1. By the way, I wanted to thank you for connecting me with Catalunya Wine. I haven’t posted about it yet but we had a great day with Timmer visiting wineries. We were treated very well.

      2. We did. Truly enjoyed the tradition, the passion and the labour intensity required there. The vineyard visits were the highlight of my trip. I’ve done those in Napa, the Rhone, Languedoc, Puglia, and Campania but not evoked the sense of the wine as much as these ones did. Corny, I know but true.

  1. Good news is that if you have a heart attack at least you can say in your last words in this earth “what a gorgeous morning, was worth it”…..Hold on, is that England? Is the sun real? If it is take more pictures because is probably the second time I have seen the sun over the U.K

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