A Great Way To Cut Down On Your Booze Intake!


I’ve been working from France and Italy over the past few weeks and I’ll be honest, I’ve never drunk less! Biggest thing is that muggins here seems to always end up as the designated driver. I don’t think I’ve drunk less since I gave up booze for a summer 5 years ago!

The wife doesn’t drive, so I don’t really have much of a choice. Funnily enough her dad is a driving instructor, but for some reason it never seemed a big deal to her to learn. I couldn’t wait when I got to 17. I needed to drive. My parents had given up wanting to be a taxi service, so I think they were pretty keen too.

I’m not too keen on having that chat with the police over here either. Especially out in the countryside here there’s a lot more stop and searches than there used to be. If you’re driving a car with a UK license plate you’re going to get flagged over. My French and Italian are ok-ish, but helps to be squeaky clean too to get by.

I’m also a pretty militant anti-drink driving. I just don’t get it. I see people have one or two bevvies and then drive home, giving it the old “I’ll be ok” or “I know my limit”. What’s the point? Especially round here, when you’re doing tastings, just spit it out. Ask really nicely and they’ll give you a bit to take home anyway, the designated driver gets looked after in the end!

It’s not ideal, but needs must, eh?





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