£30 Plus For Anything With Bubbles??


This is a gripe I’ve had for years about people’s buying habits. It’s not just wine of course, it’s across the whole service industry, but it’s where people are more than happy to go out to a shitty restaurant and get fleeced for £25 for a bottle of Southern Italian Albanian-Mafia-Special Pinot Grigio, put ask them to pay over £10 in a shop and they just blink at you. It makes no sense!

I was at Twickenham, the weekend just gone, watching England vs Wales in the rugby. It was a warm up match for the tours down to Australia, but as it was the old rivalry and both teams put strong teams out, it was a sell out. A sell out at Twickenham is 80,000+, so getting a stall at the food market by the West Stand is gold dust. The Wandering Wine Company had lucked out!

Now before I go on, I must admit that the WWC don’t sell pain stripper. The wines are more than decent, but as I stood there watching wave upon wave of happy punters paying £30 for anything with bubbles in it, the old gripe reared its ugly head. Not having a go at the WWC here, you need to cover costs, staffing, and make some form of profit in the end, but the boozers? Nah, I’m not letting them off.

Try it for a week or two. Think about what you spent on food and wine the last time you were out and then do the same thing on a meal at home with your mates. You’ll eat and drink like royalty, I promise!


6 thoughts on “£30 Plus For Anything With Bubbles??”

  1. This is one of my personal bêtes noirs – I hate feeling like I’ve been fleeced on wine in restaurants and pubs. If a restaurant has excessive mark-ups then I’ll just order a glass or perhaps a pint instead. I think it’s very short sighted as they have then missed out on a decent cash margin from a fairly priced but not cheaply priced bottle. When I meet up with other Dublin wine bloggers we tend to go to a BYO – even with €5 corkage we can drink good and interesting wine. I’ve heard some restauranteurs moan that they need the mark-ups to pay the bills, but why should winelovers subsidise everyone else? To me it sounds like they have priced the food correctly.

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