20h33.co.uk Launch and A Small Screen Debut For My Man Jean-Benoit!!


Everyone speak French??  Good!  Here’s my French colleague JB’s debut on the screen in France this weekend.  The mastermind behind my new project, 20h33, looking the part as he drives the presenters around the beautiful vineyards and city centre of Bordeaux!

Everyone like the Van Du Vin’s new moustache?  Got it for Movember and liked it so much that it’s staying put!

I’ll be doing a series of blogs next year about the ups and downs of starting up a wine company, but a date for the diary is the 7th January 2015.  It’s the day that http://www.20h33.co.uk goes live.

I’d love you all to go online, sign up and let me know what you think.  Above all I’d love you all to buy loads and loads of fantastic wines from across this most fantastic of wine producing regions.  I’ll be there every step of the way with all the advice you need!

Cheers all!

Photo: Courtesy of and copywrited by the amazingly talented B.Kulik



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