20h33 Blog – Any Left Over Wooden Boxes Out There?


When we were writing the Terms and Conditions for the website, one of the big requirements was to mention something along the lines of “…the wine may not be delivered in it’s original packaging”. That can be a big issue for some clients. But why is it?

If you’re buying a bottle here and there, and putting it together as a mixed case, then the 20h33 Wine Cube will be coming your way. We’re really chuffed with the design and practicality of it. Ok, we’re biased, because it’s our company’s packaging, but it looks sleek, and does the job brilliantly. But sometimes only the original wooden box will do!

Well I guess if you’re going to store the wine for a while, even with a view to flip it to another punter somewhere down the line, then the original wooden box with “Grand Cru Classé” or similar emblazoned on the sides helps with the sale or the prestige to an extent. Yeah, I get that. I’ve got to admit, I like the look of them!

But there are drawbacks. What do you do with them once you’re done? I live in a flat and do everything I can to make a use of them, otherwise they just get in the way.

I’ve seen all sorts. The missus uses ours for pot plants and that. Line the inside and then plant what you like. But I’ve seen people selling these things on eBay for £20+ having converted them into table tops, or dog bowls, or whatever.

Maybe I need to a side business going here? Any one know a good carpentry course out there?



I’m the UK Director for 20h33, a Bordeaux Specialist wine brokerage.  Check out our flash sales at www.20h33.co.uk



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