Not to be one always looking back, whenever I start a new year I try and think about all the great times of last year and it helps me get really up for all the challenges and possibilites for 2020.

So whilst most of you are doing Dry January or something equally as healthy to overcome the post-Christmas and New Year booze/chocolate/meat comas, I thought I’d start the year with a quick recap of the wines that meant a lot to me in 2019…


Derek Mossman Knapp rocking the checked yellow!

By June I was really exploring my interest in ‘Sustainability in wine’. What did it all mean? How does it fit with Organics or Biodynamics? Are we, as an industry, categorising the efforts of winemakers and grape growers across the world into a term that’s just convenient rather than correct? Where’s that three-handed economist when you need them!

At Bibendum’s Sustainability event, I met Derek Mossman, winemaker at Garage Wine Company in Chile. He was one of the first guys to open my eyes to the idea of community sustainability, i.e. looking after the people around him to ensure they’re all still pulling together year on year. Also, even if you only make a bit of this and a bit of that, it’s an ethos that sells and has punters coming back for more!


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