Oh My Life, Pie Day Is Back On



Ah it’s the ultimate in comfort food isn’t it?  Nice slice of pie with a bit of mashed potato or mac n’ cheese.  For years though, I’ve been really nervous about making them, mostly because I keep meffing the pastry up.  But a little tip from the internet has changed my pie-making life, and my wife will be pleased to know that each week we’re definitely doing a Pie Day each week!

Don’t get me wrong, I know how to form the pastry.  It’s easy.  I cheat like a bugger and use my Thermomix.  Big issue comes when I roll out.  I hate using flour.  I’m a complete neat freak and use the bare minimum I think I can get away with, which is clearly not enough, and I’ve got bits of pastry stuck to places you can’t even imagine.

But blow me down if you can’t just use a couple of sheets of baking paper instead?! Well that made life a bit easier and, more to the point, tidier.  So Pie Day is back on.

Bring on the buttery Chardonnays and fat Cabernets.  Can’t wait.



If you have no idea what a Thermomix is, then check out this absolute kitchen beast by clicking on this link HERE  (UK SITE)

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