How The Wonderful World of Jigsaws Is Back On The Booze



I’m still very impressed everytime I meet an MW.  Weird, given some of them you meet are absolutely bonkers (in a good way of course), but anyone who manages to get through those exams and that process deserves my respect.  Luckily most of them are easy to like as people too.  For example, was great to catch up with Rebecca Gibb MW recently at a New Zealand wine tasting (her chosen specialist subject), and she’s got something very cool on the go…

It’s jigsaws.  Yep, you read that right.  Jigsaws. And they are very cool indeed.

She’s launched a company called Bamboozled Games, which specializes in jigsaws of the booze maps of the world.  She’s right at the very start, so she’s got only the two on the go at the minute, namely Bordeaux Wines & Scotch Whisky.  But I’ve done them both now, and was good fun indeed.  Really nicely produced, not too hard, but needs a bit of time.  Highly recommend them.

Now before you switch off completely with all this talk of jigsaws boring the shite out of you, please don’t forget something very important.  Jigsaws are amazing for anyone suffering from mental health problems.  I’ve had one on the go nearly every week for the last 3 years.  They are incredibly calming and centering things to do. Cheeky half and hour here and there and it’s right up there with meditating in terms of resetting the mind for the next couple of hours.

And these ones are about booze.  Happy days!




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