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I’ve just written a new piece for The Buyer, the online wine mag for the on-trade.  It was a bit of a tricky one to approach, as I was desperate to get my point across without sounding stupid.  That’s often pretty hard for me.  Recently I’ve heard directly from women in the wine trade about struggles against sexism in worryingly recent times.  So I just wanted to write an article from a boy’s point of view, who’s naively not realised the issue before.  Here’s my take on why the Women in Wine deserve to be celebrated!


5 thoughts on “NEW BUYER PIECE: Women In Wine

  1. Great post Mike! World is small place and a persons gender or colour should be irrelevant. Sounds like these women are all super stars at their job and the whole world should applaud them👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Daiya Anderson. Originwines. Watch her grow.
    She’s got game and a whole lot more. A small start up with her own producing vineyard and one on the way. She had a dream and worked her tail off to make it happen. A little bittie winery on the naramata bench and a big dream. One step at a time. Come see us!

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