Check This App Out Kids!


This post is a quick one for the picture geeks out there. I use my camera phone to take all my pictures, which I know is not the biggest shock to those of you who have seen some of my more piss poor efforts. I’m constantly on the look out for new apps that can sort out my complete lack of talent and turn the shots into something half decent.


I’ve been using this thing called SnapSeed for ages. It’s got a load of filters and editing tools to turn around nearly everything into a half decent effort. Ok, after a while you get so used to just applying the “Drama” filter of the “HDR” filter that it loses its appeal. But I still like it and use it a lot.

Office Lens

But whilst I was out in California, the main man himself, Mr Colin Hampden-White showed me this new one I’d never heard of, called Office Lens. Have you heard of that one? Basically, you can take a picture of something in a frame or at an angle and it snaps it as if it were front on. Ok, I’ve not explained that too well, but check out these images…pretty cool, right?





Have a play with it, see what you reckon.


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