An Easter Egg With a Twist

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buckfast egg

Is there any better way to celebrate the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith than borrowing a pagan festival of fertility and spring and getting chocolate companies to make a fortune off it? Well one shop in Northern Island apparently thinks so. Bored of normal chocolate eggs, D-Bees in County Armagh decided to add a mini bottle of the one of the most potent boozes in the UK, the infamous Buckfast.

What’s Buckfast?

Buckfast is a brew from monks down in Devon in South West England, but has become a firm favourite with alcohol abusers up and down the UK. It’s (roughly speaking) a bottle of 15% abv “wine” but laced with so much caffeine that one 75cl is the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee. It’s gets you pissed and wired and the same time. Shit!

Commotion Potion

It’s become notorious ever since the Scottish Prison Service published a report a couple of years back that nearly half of all prisoners in Scottish jail had drunk Buckfast in the lead up to their crimes. You know how they say no PR is bad PR? Er…actually that one is, that’s pretty damning right there!

Brain Freeze

So back we go to D-Bees packaged chocolate egg with a mini bottle of Buckfast. Oh, and a branded cigarette lighter. You get one of those too. What the f*$k were they thinking? Especially given that apparently they haven’t even asked Buckfast if they could do it. In breach of copyright and a complete moral brain freeze. Not their finest work!


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