Just Don’t Talk To Me In June!!!

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I’ve had a complete shocker. Well I have and I haven’t. In the sense that I haven’t I’ve been hugely privileged to be invited on this amazing trip to Napa and Sonoma with the Californian Wine Institute in March. I genuinely can’t wait, I’ve heard so many amazing things about the West Coast of the US and the chance to go over there with a bunch of wine-o’s is fantastic. Slight issue being is that I was meant to take a couple of WSET Diploma exams that week, so I’ve had to move them. And I’ve just found out where to!

WSET Diploma Exams

I’m in my second and final year of the Diploma now. I was meant to finish it last year but a few things got in the way timewise. So with a group of lectures available early doors this year I thought it’s now or never. 3 units are left, Sparkling Wine, Spirits, and the Still Wines bugger, all of which require some graft to get to the bottom of.

A Sunny Week In June

I was meant to do bubbles and spirits on the same day, but that was the week of the America trip. So I’ve moved them to do both on a day in June…the day before I sit my still wines of the world exam. All three exams in 2 days. Sounds fun, eh?

It’s Not All Bad

On the plus side though, it gives me a long time to get to grips with all the theory and practice all the tastings. I’m also trying not to look at it as exams, more as markers to say I’ve got to that level….which I guess is what exams are, but let’s not burst my positive bubble here please!  And bollocks to it, it means I can go to America, so I’m struggling to really give a shit right now.

I guess if you’ve got to do it you might as well bunch it up and rip the plaster off all in one. But maybe give me a wide berth in June. Probably best.


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