What’s The Best Way To Try Wine?

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The whole point behind 20h33, the Bordeaux specialist company I run in the UK, is that we’re trying to show people all of Bordeaux. We’ve got the famous stuff, don’t get me wrong, but we’re hoping people try wines from around the whole region and see what a massive difference you have around the place. So biggest thing really is to get people tasting as much wine as possible and seeing which they like the most. But it’s tough.

I basically have two sets of interactions with the punters. I do wine dinners and market stalls. The weekend market stalls are lots of fun, and there’s (usually) a pretty solid crowd coming and going, so I get to try the wines out on plenty of people. But practicality has me pouring out the samples into these tiny plastic thimble shot glasses. How the bollocks you’re meant to be able to taste anything properly from one of them I’ll never know!

The wine dinners are the way forward as far as I’m concerned. It’s the best way to replicate the setting you’ll drink it in if you go on to buy a couple of bottles. We do them at 5 different restaurants (round London at the minute but hoping to add a few more round the UK) and you have the wines poured into glasses alongside some great food with a load of people nattering away around you. Makes a lot more sense right?

Don’t let this put you off going to markets, it’s more that you should keep your eyes open for wine dinners where possible. And they’re a great laugh too!




Fancy coming along to one of my wine dinners?

Send an email on to contact@pleasebringmemywine.com

6 thoughts on “What’s The Best Way To Try Wine?

  1. o.k, so you have a wine company, and if I remember correctly before you started this Enterprise (probably spelled it wrong since the computer is configured in spanis), so you you were one of those guys that had the smarts in the stock market, now the question is….actually is a threat, I m gonna raid the wine company, but we can make it as if it was not a robbery, just a guy that bought a whole lot of wine……..waloooooooo! I think I´m already drunk, don´t hold that on me, it is Saturday, morning, ha, gotta love your blog sir

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