Wine In A Bag Making A Comeback

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One of the first things you learn in “Wine Business 101” is that bottles are expensive, heavy, and not the soundest thing environment-wise to carry wine around in. But go to your local shop and most of the time that’s all you can get hold of. Why is it that we’ve just not changed habits for so long?

You can look at it from both sides. From a business point of view, especially for the £5-£7 on-the-shelf wines there’s feck all margin to go around after taxes and cuts and whatever. So surely that 10-20p a bottle saving from boring off the bottles makes a lot of sense. From an environment stand point, it’s reckoned that millenials (20-35 year olds) are the driving force behind wine these days. They’re supposedly the most climate and environmentally aware bunch of buggers going.

Can it really be that wine in a bag or a box is still recovering from the slating it got 20 to 30 years ago? Back then they used to put some horrible shit in those boxes and sell it on the cheap. Doesn’t happen anymore really, or at least nowhere the same extent. But as with the goonbags in Australia, different packaging just can’t get away from the chavvy image.

Well, let’s be fair, if I worried about image I wouldn’t get out of bed. A ginger, buck toothed, maths geek, with a slightly rounder belly than he used to have? I’m never one to let looks get in the way! But check out the image above and you’ll see there’s nothing to worry about, it looks great.

If you’ve got young wine, designed to be drunk young and with a few mates altogether, then there’s no problem is there? Don’t be put off and let’s just get stuck into the wines!




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