One For The White Wine Spritzer Brigade

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Last week at the London Wine Fair I bumped into Philippe Koch from Mouton Cadet. Some of you will have seen bottles of Mouton Cadet knocking around pubs and restaurants as what they do is trying to build a Bordeaux Brand. Well, I say try, they’ve built it, and are spreading it far and wide. Good luck to them! One thing Philippe showed me really caught my eye.

In the past few months the wines of Port and Sherry have been making a comeback by launching themselves as great cocktail bases. So why not more wine cocktails? Well check this out from Mouton Cadet…

So all you need is a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, a lime or two, and some sugar syrup. Oh, and a massive bowl glass and a shed load of ice. Bring on the summer!


4 thoughts on “One For The White Wine Spritzer Brigade

    1. Hey that’s how the Kir was invented in Burgundy with the help of the mayor Dijon, Félix Kir. It was a way for the region’s wine producers to get rid of their inferior Bourgogne Aligote, and also support the local cassis industry.

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