I Need Your Votes – Millesima Blog Awards 2016

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Right, you know how I never ask you guys and girls for much? I just write a post every day or so to look after your wine drinking habits. I think we’ll all agree it’s all give give give from me, isn’t it? 🙂

Well now I need your help!

I’ve been sent through to the final of the Millesima Blog Awards 2016. Weirdly enough I’ve been stuck in the Wine and Technology category, which my brother-in-law is finding hilarious, but let’s not go into that right now.

The blog in question was my write up on Wine and Music Matching, and whether I thought that recent trend is just a complete fad or not. Click on the link to have a read and see if you liked it or not first.

If you do like it and you fancy doing me a favour, can you click on the link…


…and vote for me to win the category. I’ll not lie, it’d be a pretty massive coup for me to win this. I’m trying to say it’s just one of those things, but bollocks to that, it’d mean a lot to win it!

Pretty please can you all help me out?

Cheers all

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