Wine And Music Matching…Really?

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Last few months or so there’s been a new topic in the wine-o set about whether you can pair wine and music in the way you do with wine and food. Can a wine enhance your enjoyment of a piece of music and vice versa? I’ll not lie, I started out as a skeptic, but has that changed over time?

I first came across the idea when 20h33 went into a marketing partnership with a DJ from Bordeaux. His idea was to match up everything from orchestration to tempo and feeling. If the wine was complex then maybe you’d throw in a song with a big band behind it. If it was a strong flavour then you’d want a lot of bass. That kind of thing. I always thought that, as an idea, it was quite cool.

In practice though, do I really think it’s the same thing as food and wine matching? Well of course it isn’t. With food and wine, you’re hitting the same taste buds and sensory receptors. It makes sense that it’s so much more practical to try and match those up.

I think music, for me anyway, has always been a way of setting a mood or a mindset. I’m writing this whilst making my way through Rolling Stone’s top 100 albums. I’m on James Brown’s “Star Time”, and it really puts you in a certain mood. Does that mood warrant a glass of wine? Well…usually yeah!

So maybe you would still call me a skeptic in terms of direct pairing. But I am a huge advocate of having music and wine together to set a mood. And if nothing else it’s a bit of fun to have a play around with. Nothing wrong with that right?



25 thoughts on “Wine And Music Matching…Really?

  1. Having a little too much wine has made some music that much more tolerable – may even get you dancing.

    I’m generally ok with the concept but, just like with food, there are a lot of songs that can only be served with beer.

  2. I keep it simple. I pair good wine with good music.And I neither listen to or drink the alternatives. Well, OK, I do stumble once in a while and open a bottle of plonk and listen to some crap. But only when depressed.

  3. I’ve read a bit about this music and wine pairing concept, but I’ve always thought of it in terms of classical music. I’ll have to give a 90s R&B wine paring some thought!

  4. Hmmm, I have read a few studies where trained tasters have written different tasting notes on the same wine in different coloured rooms. I guess maybe music can change perception. However, I’m a little worried it is yet just another way to complicate wine. Drink what you like, eat what you like and listen to what you like and everything will be just fine I say 🙂

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