Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

20h33, For The Foodies, Social Media

this week

This week’s more of a techy week and a foodie week than a full on wine week. I guess when you’re writing about wine in the modern world you have to be all over social media as well, and working with wine goes hand in hand with working with food. So it shouldn’t be too far off piste.

Last week I had a couple of eye opening exchanges on some social media platforms. Some very good, others…well…a bit annoying. But I’ll be sharing those stories with you all and asking for a bit of help along the way!

The wife and I also met up with a mate of mine from uni and his wife for the first time in ages. She cooked an absolutely belting Pakistani meal for us, and we even managed to get the wine pairing down to a tee.

I’ve also made a firm decision on what to do with myself over the next 6 months and how to start to grow the business with 20h33. I made the first few inroads last week, so I’ll be writing a bit about what’s to come there too.

Hope you all have lovely weeks and you manage to stay warm!



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