This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine…

For The Foodies, Italy, UK

12th October

Another week that just flew by last week. The pressure’s starting to kick in with the next WSET Unit (my wine exams), so this week ahead is going to be write off for everything else as I try and get that sorted! So, a full week infront of the computer or down the library in store, which is fun 🙂

Last week started heavy, with an insane lunch during our last day in Italy. Putting pay to this idea that Italian food is healthy, we munched our way through a banquet of Fritto Misto. I’ll be letting you know what that contained!

I’ve also been working on a social media project for my local gym in Belsize Park in London. It’s about a 3 month thing to turn a chubby wine-o into a slightly less chubby wine-o. I’ll be letting you know all about that.

I caught up with a mate this week at a top restaurant in London. Jason Atherton’s City Social halfway up Tower 42 was a great experience. Not so much for Bob. I’ll let you know why later this week.

And finally there’ll be a bit on UK wine merchant Tanners, and their push with their own brand wines, which I got a sneaky taste of recently.

Hope you’re all having more fun weeks than me!



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