Taste of London Highlights – The Best of The Rest

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This is my last of the three highlight posts from my trip to Taste of London as it’s coming to an end. This is all about the best of the rest, and stuff that had me impressed on the trip round.

There was plenty more than just the restaurant tents and the Pimm’s stall.  There are always plenty of little things going on all over festivals like this.  Some boozy, some food, but all of them a good laugh, especially when you get chatting with the boys and girls on manning the stalls!

First up, it was great to see Georgie from Champagne Frèrejean Frères again. This is another great champagne, subtle and refreshing, pushing for space in the on trade, so look out for it at a restaurant near you!


Next up was the awesome Joe and Seph’s popcorn. Based in London, they sell a range of popcorns from the sweet to savoury to a little bit of column A and a bit of column B. Top quality stuff and hopefully a wine pairing blog to come soon!


And last, but definitely not least, the missus and I were finally convinced, after nearly two years, to part with some of our wedding money and buy some proper kitchen knives (finally!!!). Thanks to the guys and girls at Flint & Flame for the demos. Can’t wait to get cooking with those bad boys!

Will be staying in touch with new friends and looking forward to next year’s already!



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