Taste of London Highlights – Pococello Limoncello

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This weekend is the Taste of London festival. It’s actually a really good laugh if you’re a foodie, maybe not so much if you’re on a budget. In a Disneyland-esque way you need to buy vouchers to get any food, and there’s not much change at any of the restaurant tents from £5’s worth for a slither of meat and some sauce. Hey ho, I guess sometime you’ve got to pay the piper, eh?

Reason I love going is for all the drinks and other-foodie tents that are up. So next couple of posts I’ll throw out some highlights of when I went down last Wednesday night.

And where better to start than Pococello Limoncello?

Have any of you had Limoncello before? It’s basically a lemon…er…I want to say liqueur?! I think that’s it? Pretty sure it’s spirit flavoured with lemons. I first came across it in Italy and love it. You can sip it, mix it, or whack it over lemon sorbet for an easy but boozy pudding. But, I haven’t seen much of it in London!

Well that’s all changing. Thom, of Pococello, is bringing premium Limoncello to London. With his bright yellow Ape (the one seater pick up in the photo up top!), his individually hand peeled Amalfi lemons, and not to mention his outstanding Limoncello slushies, he’s all set to make a huge citric splash with this one from his base at Pizza Pilgrims in Soho.

If you’re at the event this weekend, do pop down and say hello. If you can’t make it then head to Soho for a pizza and slushy!

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