New Wine This Week 58 – Food Pairing for Gigondas

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58 - peppered steak

I did a New Wine This Week a few months back when we did Côtes Du Rhônes. Gigondas is a smaller appellation within the Côtes Du Rhônes, so I could really just re-use that food pairing, but I won’t.

That time I did Lancashire Hotpot. Beef, pepper, and spices all stewed together. I can still taste it now, it was immense and the wine with it was pretty great as well.

I’m sticking with beef and pepper this week, but going to just do it as a normal fried beef fillet. Throw in a few sliced potato wedges and go with it. I’m always after different wine pairings for steak, and it’s time to give it another go this week.

It’s not without it’s thought process. The alcohol from the Grenache gives the wine plenty of body, and the tannin from the Syrah and Mouvedre that go with it will add to it. It’ll be a fat, alcoholic wine, with plenty of red and black fruit. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Let’s give it a go.



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