#NWTW 57 – What Could F Be For?


A lovely time on the wines last week, maybe not so much in the shops buying the food. Will have to remember that for this week. We’re onto the letter F, and I need your suggestions for the poll!

Remember the rules are:

  • Suggestions to be submitted on the comments section below or to me on twitter (@PBMMW) or facebook (/PBMMW)
  • Only one suggestion per person
  • I will gather all the suggestions and then pick my favourite 5 to go for the vote
  • Suggestions must be widely available for purchase
  • The cut-off date for suggestions is midnight 19th March

I’m looking for 5 suggestions for the poll, get them in! 



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Please Bring Me My Wine

Wine blogger, vlogger, and all round geek. Loving to talk about wine with mates without trying to sound like a knob!

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