Getting Into The Wine Industry #3: Doing it all yourself!



From someone who came from a big corporate business, it’s a big shock to the system to all of a sudden be working in a company of 2 people. I guess this is less of a thing about the wine industry, and more about working for a start up. There is quick literally never a day where you achieve all you want to!

When I was a cog in a machine it was fine. A bit boring at times, but overall fine. You knew your job. You did yours, then the people around either did roles that supported yours or vice versa. But the point is, you did your role. The clock ticked round to home time, and job done!

What I found weird about setting up a business was that I’ve had to do everything myself. I am my own boss, and I’m also my own support team. Everyday I’m learning about something else I should be doing, or even worse, something I should have done weeks ago!

I have to say that hiring a good accountant has been a life-saver. Glyn, if you’re reading, you’re a superstar! And also I have to say that the customs guys and girls at HMRC have been amazing, as have the crew at LCB.

But it’s when things go wrong you can’t palm it off to someone else to sort out. You do it, or it doesn’t get done. Cue the two-month delivery time it took for the first order of wine to get from Bordeaux to London. I could walk it in less! I’ve never written so many emails in my life!

Whether this venture works out, or whether it doesn’t, everyday is proving to be a school day, and that’s no bad thing!



6 thoughts on “Getting Into The Wine Industry #3: Doing it all yourself!

  1. Small businesses can be big to the people that own and work them into what they want. I have participated in many start-ups when friends have been in dire need and anticipate starting my own after my studies are completed.
    Good luck and stay strong!

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