NWTW #54 – Food Pairing With Catalan Wines

For The Foodies, New Wine This Week, Reds, Spain

#54 - Pork

When you think about Catalan food, or maybe it’s just me, I think about three things: Churros (those amazing doughnut things!), big fish dishes, and pork! And as is always the way, in times of crisis, go with what the locals eat!

I’m actually going to do the tasting tonight, with some friends coming over. The basic premise is they want to catch up with the wife and I, but I’m pretty sure it’s just to see the puppy!

Unlucky for us, but lucky for them, the freezer packed in last weekend, so we have a fridge full of defrosting meat! Luckily in there is a pork shoulder joint, so that’s getting slow roasted with some fried red peppers, Catalan-style.

I want the meatiness of the joint to match the body of the wine, and then the sweetness of the peppers to match the sweetness of the fruitiness of these young wines.

Let’s give it a try, eh?



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P.S. If you’re ever in Barcelona, checkout Culinary Backstreets, the wife and I and our mates did it last year, absolutely brilliant!

9 thoughts on “NWTW #54 – Food Pairing With Catalan Wines

  1. Another great dish from Caltaluña is paella prellada, basically is the traditional Spanish paella except the meat is already cut as well as the sea shells and other fish is also cut and mixed with the rice.

    I´m going over uninvited by the way…..

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