NWTW #54 – C is for Catalonia

New Wine This Week, Reds, Spain, Whites

Flags - Catalonia

The winner of this fortnight’s New Wine This Week poll is the Spanish region of Catalonia. Thanks very much to Ant from Confessions of a Wine Geek for the suggestion.

Catalonia, as a wine area, is a big old place, stretching from certain vineyards in the South of France, all the way down to the mountains of Terra Alta. There are just north of 10 different wine regions in there, the most famous being Priorat and Penedès.

I’m going to show that diversity in my wine picks this week. It’s about Catalonia (Catalunya) as a whole, so try and branch out where you can!

Here are the picks:

Majestic Wine
El Cometa del Sur Tinto 2013, Terra Alta @ £6.74

Marks and Spencer
Frares Priorat 2012, Priorat @ £13.00

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Priorat, 2007 @ £10.00

Spirited Wines
Codols del Montsant, 2011 @ £9.77

Torres Gran Coronas, Penedès, 2008 @ £11.50

Clos De Tafall, Priorat, 2012 @ NOK 199.70

Scala Dei Prior, Priorat, 2010 @ £19.99

Happy hunting!



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