NWTW #52 – The Wines of Stunning Veneto

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week 52 lake garda

Veneto is a region of Italy up in the North East. It’s between the southern foothills of the Dolomite mountain range to the north and the plains and hill ranges of Emilia Romagna to the south. To the west is Lake Garda, to the east is Venice and the sea beyond. I know, right? Beautiful stuff.

The big wines in the area are Valpolicella for reds and Soave for whites. Of course there’s loads more, this is Italy after all, but as far as the wine world outside those borders go, they’re the two wines/areas that have made a name for themselves.

For many years the producers did as the rest of us would do; see the business possibility, expand the production areas, increase the output, but almost inevitably lower the quality. Make sense? Well put it this way, the area allowed for Soave is now over four times it used to be, making sure the £4.99ers are stacking the shelves of the local Bargain Booze.

Recent years though has seen that Italian regional competitiveness kick in. The Classico and Superiore regions, especially for Soave, have brought back a premium brand for the area. In Valpolicella it’s been all about one of the most sumptuous reds that Italy boasts: Amarone.

I’ll explain tomorrow why, but Amarone needs care and time more so than most other wines in this area. But like the rest of Veneto, it’s worth the wait!



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Photo: The Daily Telegraph

9 thoughts on “NWTW #52 – The Wines of Stunning Veneto

  1. That place sounds more like paradise to me. Plus I didn´t even know the Italians had copetition, they all seem to me too laid back sort of like the Spanish here……..
    By the way nice video of you I saw today.

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