WSET Studies #1 – Intro To The Series

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So New Wine This Week is now a fortnightly thing. My YouTube posts are (fingers crossed) every Monday. If I write too much on what it’s like finally being in the wine industry I’ll bore myself, let alone you lot. So there’s a bit of space in the 2015 repertoire for something else…

As much as I’m trying to write a blog to help people get a bit more out of drinking wine, I guess my number one tip would always be sign yourself up for a course. Only if you’re serious, mind. They’re usually a couple of hundred quid for the basic ones, and do require study. So have a good think before hand.

But that’s exactly what I did. I signed up (well, was signed up, but more on that in a couple of weeks!) to the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust courses. I’m lucky in that the HQ in London is just a few stops on the Northern Line away from where I live, so off I trundled.

They run Levels 1 – 4. You don’t have to do Level 1. I’ve heard that, to a point, it’s not the most taxing thing. I didn’t bother do it, but maybe it might be a nice intro into the idea of doing wine courses if you’re still unsure.

Level 2 is the intermediate, Level 3 is advanced, and Level 4 is the diploma. Most people entering the industry now are expected to be Level 3 minimum. If you haven’t got Level 4 then forget about trying for your Masters.

Anyway, I went straight to Level 2, I’m now studying for Level 4. And I thought I’d write a couple of short posts here and there about what it’s like to study (in a class room sense) wine.

I’m trying to work out if I think it’s really weird, or really funny? Maybe you decide for me!


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10 thoughts on “WSET Studies #1 – Intro To The Series

  1. Level 1 look interesting for non-pro, could be a nice weekend activity, it’s only 2 saturdays or 3 evenings. (£145)
    Did you come accross any good book that helped you with the basics?

    1. Hi – I did level 1 last year. You do get some course materials and can of course make notes in the lesson. The content itself is not particularly taxing, things around how wine is made, a few major wine varieties and food and wine matching. For a non-pro, or for those (like me) who are enthusiastic about drinking wine but haven’t done much reading about it. There is minimal study expected outside of the class.

      1. I think that’s the big plus side, you don’t need to do much study outside class for Level 1, makes it much more appraochable to start off.

        For Level 2 you need to do a bit, Level 3 more, and Level 4 is…well…getting a bit much 😦

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