#NWTW Week 44: What We Thought of Pinot Blanc

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Having not really known what to expect this week, the missus and I were in a pretty decent position. I’m not a huge fan of having a pre-idea, I prefer to just drink the thing fresh and go from there. So it was a pretty good place to be this weekend.

We only went for one bottle this time, which was the Calvet from Sainsbury’s. I poured it, had a look, had a sniff, and had a good swig. I absolutely loved it!

It did have a slightly fuller body than other wines like that, and there was a creaminess to it when it when it was rolling around in the mouth. On the tongue you could get that wet stone minerality too.

It was a really fresh, easy-to-drink wine. It wasn’t that refreshing in terms of acidity. My mouth wasn’t really watering too much. But the apple and gooseberry fruit flavours on the taste, and the sharp lime aftertaste, you know? It was like drinking sorbet!

The soft cheeses were a perfect match. The creaminess of the cheese in the middle went with that fuller body of the wine. The crackers and the bitter rind of the cheese went well with the minerality and lime-y aftertaste.


Big, big fan of this stuff. It’s not gonna change your life by drinking it, but it ticks so many boxes that it’s one that it’s worth having a few of in the back cupboard somewhere. Great one for afternoon drinking, and a great all rounder.

A very high 15/20 from me!


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