#NWTW Week 40: Food Pairing With Rioja

New Wine This Week, Reds, Spain

week 40 chorizo

It’s not quite as easy just to say “eat this” with any Rioja. As I said yesterday there’s lots of different combinations of how they make it. Or at least the styles that they turn it into.

If you have a Joven, then you’re expecting a fairly tannic and fruity young wine. With a Gran Reserva there’s most likely bugger all fruitiness left in there and you’re looking at pairing up some sweet spice and vegetal flavours. So it’s about picking what kind of Rioja you’re having first.

I’m having just the one this week, that’s the Baron De La Vinas, Rioja Reserva, from Sainsbury’s. As a Reserva I’m expecting a little touch of fruitiness left, but much more aged flavours than not. Sweet spices like cinnamon or liquorice, maybe some chocolate (well it is chocolate week next week!). But I’d also expect this one match well with herby/vegetable dishes.

The lovely guys at Worlds Of Flavour (Spain) have some great recommendations down there, including a Lamb Tangine or some Wild Mushroom Risotto. I’m going for two of their other suggestions, grilled chorizo with ratatouille.

Looking forward to it.




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Grilled Chorizo and spuds

14 thoughts on “#NWTW Week 40: Food Pairing With Rioja

  1. I think chorizo is needed with any Spanish wine, haha. When I lived in Spain, three things were guaranteed every day: wine, chorizo, and bread. If I ever told my host mom I didn’t want one of the three, she looked at me like I was crazy.

  2. This is what I´m talking about, that´s the typical Spanish “tapa”, I love the U.S (I know you´re from Australia but never been there)but I gotta love my own country at least for the food and just enjoying life. Which is what we do, we are lazy, no employment but everybody has time for the afternoon “tapa” and wine.

    Go for the grilled Chorizo! I promise it won´t dissapoint.

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