#NWTW Week 37: What We Thought of Malbec

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Steak and red wine night and it wasn’t even my birthday!  Fantastic!  Would have been slightly better had Liverpool not put in the third abjectly terrible performance in three games an hour or so before I ate, but hey ho, can’t have it all…

The two we tried were the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference and the Portillo Malbec from Majestic.

I’m almost getting slightly bored with writing about how spot on the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference range is, but each week I try on of the wines, I’m always impressed. Look, it’s £7.50, it isn’t the most incredible, mind blowing wine that you’ll ever drink. What it is though is a “typical” Malbec. Rich dark purple colour, big body from the silky tannins, and plenty of plum and damson, and fig flavours. Great balance in the finish. A very enjoyable 13/20.

The Portillo from Majestic was a bit funny to start with. I had the wine breathing for 30 minutes beforehand, maybe it needed a bit more? When it opened up the plum and blackberry tastes were in the mix with flavours that I thought showed a bit of oaking. There was definitely a bit of bitter taste in there, like dark chocolate. It went great with the steak as you’d expect, and the finish with and without the food went on for a bit longer than the other wine. A “just tipping the scales” 14/20 for the extra flavour in there.

From what I’ve read of other NWTWers, this week’s managed to convert a few naysayers back to Malbec lovers. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves too.


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