#NWTW Week 30: What Is Vinho Verde?

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Vinho Verde is that white wine that’s available everywhere. It’s THE Portuguese white. Well maybe not the most luxurious, but the definitely the best known, the most widely available, and, let’s be fair, one of the cheapest too. Sounds pretty appealing.

Some people will roll their eyes at Vinho Verde. I’ve no idea why. Maybe is a generational thing. In the late 0s and early 90s it started to be exported on mass to us, and probably became one of the drinks of choice for the yuppies who dared to move away from anything French. Either way, it seems to have this stigma now as the poor man’s aperitif. That’s bollocks!

Vinho Verde is a region in the north of Portugal, not a million miles away from Rias Baixas in Spain (we did Albariño a few weeks back). The weather round there allows the variety of white grapes that go into making it to be made fruity, fresh, but above all very acidic (so very refreshing) and not a disproportionate amount of them left with a slight fizz from the techniques employed in the cellar.

As much as people look to what they don’t like about the wine (maybe it’s a British thing to be looking for the negatives), it’s actually bloody difficult to find something horrible. It’s almost un-unlikeable. That’s what I really hope you’ll find out for yourselves this week.



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One of them yuppie types off to pick up a bottle of Vinho Verde

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