#NWTW Week 26: Rosado From Spain (Part Two)

New Wine This Week, Rosés, Spain

Flags - Spain

Well it’s official everyone.  We are exactly half way through 2014 with NWTW Week 26.  As Ant has said earlier, my shameless shift of last week to Cava to coincide with my weekend in Barcelona has not stopped us from sticking to Spain this week.  We’re going to leave it a fairly open one this week and just offer up the idea of Spanish rosé (rosado in Spanish).

If you really wanted to hit the heights then I’d look to recommend wines from Navarre and Rioja, but in all fairness Spanish producers have realised (on the whole anyway) that the idea of a “Spanish rosé” means a slightly heavier, meatier wine, with full on red fruit flavours and high alcohol.  Forget the subtleness of rosés from Provence you may have tried, these are full and fat wines dying to be uncorked with every meat you can think of sticking on the barbecue.

We’ll have a chat about why and how over the week, but here’s the picks from my shops this week:

Marqués De Montino Rioja Rosado

Rioja Rosado 2013, Marqués de Cáceres

Spirited Wines
Medievo Rioja Rosado 2012

Signature Navarre Rosé

Karrikiri Garnacha Rosé 2013
NOK 118

Happy hunting all!




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